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There is no set release date, best thing is to join the discord server for new updates and information.

Any Updates

Updates are posted in the discord channel linked in the downloads at the bottom 

figured, thats why I joined


Hope you guys are still trudging away at this project, I've been looking for/waiting for this exact thing forever... It's a shame we don't have a real SW RPG like it haha


Yup! the project is still in development :)

It still may take some time for any announcements about a playable version, but yeah would be awesome to see an official star wars rpg with modern graphics.


That's ok man as long as you're still working on it, there will always be hope for us :) I know Ubisoft has something and Quantic Dream are also working on something but who knows what those will be. I think your mod will be the best. 

haha, we surely won't be charging for the game or extras. All will be free :0

could you tell us when it's finished

We will definitely let you know when it is finished, if you want to stay updated you can join our discord linked above as that is where any announcement would be made.

k thanks


hola, el mod ya tiene su beta estable para poder probarlo ?


No hablo bien español, pero no hay beta todavia. 


Please don't give out a release date. As long as you finish and release it before a cease and desist, then it can't be stopped. 

It looks amazing though. Great work.


Thanks, and yeah there won't be a release date until the project is at a state which we are comfortable with. Not worried about a cease and desist because we have done all we can in ensuring that won't happen.


That's good to hear. Good luck to the both of you.

Thank you :D

i mean i wouldnt be all that worried ether since disney is thankfully lenient with their ip's 

Godspeed, hope you don't get a cease and desist email and have to cancel when project is 95% complete...

Also hope the game isn't then suddenly leaked accidentally and spread around by anonymous users... ;)

Don't worry we did our research and the project should be safe from cancellation. ;^)

hail all. I just happen to come across this  by idk sheer luck yesterday. So can any one give me a quick history , as in when do we expect to see this for it still in development or in   development hell? ty all ahead of time

Haha no it isnt in development hell. Tank_Girl444 is the solo developer building the game so its going to take some time. Project is still in active development but we dont have any release dates as of yet but you can stay updated in the discord server. There is also a youtube channel showing off parts of the project, the link is on this page just under the credits :)

Ok ty. Damn that sux. Cuz I know we can't rely on Disney ta make a decent sw game. It looks like it will be awesome if it's anything like vid  n description

hope this mod runs decent with the minimum requirements as the base game, can't wait for this to be out for testing

Not sure what the minimum requirements will be yet but once we know I will update the page :)

Amazing this looks great, its the star wars i nver knew it looks like the best fan fic gsme i have ever seen one thing i would suggest try to add more rideable vicheles like more ships and ground vechiles but otherwise it looks greatand also wondering is it mutliplayer

Oop sorry for the late response, haha glad you are excited too! Also it won't have any multiplayer since it is mainly focused on being a single player experience.

in the event of the mod being canned in some non-legal way, are you going to release everything you'd done up to that point? not saying this is going to happen and i hope it doesn't, just curious since from what i've seen of this it looks like a goldmine of content

will there be any pre-requisite mods for this? stuff like nvse and extenders based on that?

If we were to get into legal problems I imagine we wouldn't really be able to release anything made up to that point. Also yes, there will be a few pre-requisites for the mod. We will announce what is needed in order to play the mod when we know for sure everything players will need :)

thanks for the reply! i specified "non-legal" in my question because yeah, if it were for legal reasons, we'd probably never see this stuff come out. i wish you the best of luck in development

Thanks! We hope you guys enjoy the mod once it is released :)


Looks interesting... What era is this set in? It looks like a mix.


This is going to be set during the early days of empire :)

How's it going?

It's going, if you want to join our discord server you can stay updated on progress there :) (download link)


this already looks great


Looks good! Have a approximate release date?

Sorry, as of now there is no expected release date for the project. We will definitely let everyone know when we have an approximate date.


D: ......But I can't wait for it!!!!

haha, we are excited too! Can't wait for people to be able to play :D

What % are you done until an alpha version?

I can't say as of now, it's hard to put a percentage or estimated date on it since its really easy for unforseen bugs/real world things to happen which can delay the project. Hopefully sometime this year we can have a demo out but no promises.

This is incredible, but knowing Disney, they probably will shut you down. They are destroying everything, which arent done by themself I only say KOTOR remake, or DARK FORCES :( 


Haha, yeah hopefully that won't be the case. We have taken measures to help make sure we don't get shut down like not accepting any money or donations so hopefully it doesn't come to that.


You SIr are our heroe... I really  wish that this will get finished. Hugs from Toledo, Spain and may the Force always be with you!

Thanks! We hope everyone that can get their hands on the project enjoy it :)

to be fair disney is working on their own "remake" of kotor so they didnt want that to interfere with their own game


reminds me of fallout! amazing


lol, because its fallout vegas mod :D

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Hello! We do have a youtube channel, 

here is a link to one of the videos :)
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On the discord server we also have a channel #actual-game-progress for updates on the project