Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes barrels will explode but not disappear/get destroyed.
  • There may be an occasion where the cannon upgrade is usable on levels that aren't already beat.


  • Movement:
    • Keyboard: W/S or Up/Down
  • Firing:
    • Keyboard: Enter or Space
  • Pause Game:
    • Keyboard: P
  • Restart Game:
    • Keyboard: R


Destroy the enemy base!

What is the fiction/narrative of the game?

The "narrative" for our game is that the rocks are ANGRY that their home is being invaded. They just want to be left alone and sit idly like a rock should, but now they must defend their territory.

What is the aesthetic/style/mood of the game?

The desired aesthetic for our game is 2D hand-drawn sprites reminiscent of 21st-century cartoons like Angry Birds and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We want the art to be fun, expressive and distinctive.

What are the core gameplay/mechanics/genre of the game?

Raging Rocks is a strategic tower toppling game. The main mechanic of the game is firing the cannon. Players must destroy the enemy at least 50% of the way to unlock the next level with only a limited amount of shots. Levels will have their own base designs and new environmental obstacles that will require different approaches to beat the level. When enemy blocks are destroyed, the player will gain gold which they can spend in the shop to return to levels they have already beat to try and get a higher completion percentage.

Who is your ideal player for your game?

Our game audience will be children and suburban parents. The simple nature of our game will make it easy for people such as these to play and understand the mechanics of our game. The art style also makes it appealing since it has a cartoon-esque feel to them, as seen below, which appeals to children who can then play with their parents. 


Raging Rocks Final Build (Linux 64-bit) 28 MB
Raging Rocks Final Build (Mac) 25 MB
Raging Rocks Final Build (Windows 32-bit) 22 MB
Design Document & Additional 674 kB

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