Take care of your new pet Purrsival! Buy items, play with, and keep Purrsival fed to make the happiness meter go up. Neglect to do so, and Purrsival's happiness will drop. Learn more about what Purrsival likes and doesn't like based on how happiness is affected as well as based on visual and audio cues.


Interact With Purrsival

Buy toys and environmental pieces for Purrsival in order to make Purrsival's happiness meter go up. There are items which have some interactive elements that Purrsival may love to play with! Some toys and items may also make Purrsival uncomfortable or they may just hate them completely which will drop Purrsival's happiness. Remember to buy Purrsival food and water since after all *Purrsival is a cat*.

Decorate Your Space

Turn that empty room into your own customized play space with Purrsival. The items you buy can be picked up and dropped down wherever you want in order to to create a more personalized experience.

Decide Humanities Fate!...wait what?

Purrsival may not appear to be what you would think. Your interaction and treatment of Purrsival may result in a more significant outcome that could influence the fate of Earth. Purrsival will remember what you do.



  • A cat...or is it (dun! Dun! DUN!)
  • Originally created:
    • art
    • music
    • voice acted cat sounds from a human (you heard us right)


The Team

We are team N0. A crew of UCI students ZOT ZOT ZOT! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Slogan: Innovating For The Future

Members and Roles:

  • Karim Najib - Programming & UI/UX Design
  • Josef Bertolini - Programming
  • Aaron Buckles - Sound & Programming
  • Alvi Apolinar - Sound
  • Michael Lin - Game Design
  • Kierstin Roque - Art


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